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Recent projects

Sauna Dekor elevates interiors into sanctuaries that seamlessly blend artistry and science to create exceptional spa environments. We go beyond mere spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of the interior and exterior for a wellness design that transcends ordinary boundaries.

Köln Villa Sauna - Bespoke Wellness Elegance for Estate Living

Köln Private Sauna

Urban Sanctuary: Sauna Dekor's Köln Sauna, A Designer's Oasis

Amsterdam Private Villa

Ulus Private Property

Istanbul Private Property

Pelikan Hill Private Property

Istanbul Pelikan Hill Residential

Brussel Private Property

Berlin's Radiant Retreat: Infrared Sauna for Revitalization

München Infrared Sauna

Amsterdam's Stylish Oasis: Design Sauna for Urban Relaxation

Amsterdam City Sauna

Berlin's Idyllic Countryside Retreat: Where Tranquility Meets Urban ConvenienceE

Countryside House Berlin

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