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Quality Policy

Quality Policy – Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions strives to be the epitome of excellence in the Wellness and Spa industry, providing unparalleled products and services. Our goal is to transform each customer into a ambassador of the Sauna Dekor Wellness Concept.

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing wellness equipment that precisely aligns with customer requirements, aiming to exceed their Expected Value through a profound understanding of their needs. Every team member at Sauna Dekor actively engages in achieving the company’s objectives, working diligently to ensure their fulfillment.

Within our organization, a comprehensive set of indicators is constructed and maintained to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quality System, directly correlated to the company’s reward system for each employee. It is fundamental for every collaborator to recognize that the success of Sauna Dekor relies on the collective efforts of all, emphasizing teamwork, attention to detail, and the continual enhancement of customer value perception.

The Sauna Dekor Management is committed to ensuring that objectives are transparent, shared, and translated into tangible results over time. Specifically, we pledge to:

Continuously train our resources to enhance their skills.
Invest in Research and Development, continuously improving manufacturing processes to facilitate easier installation, enhance reliability, and elevate the perceived value of our products.
Collaborate technically with suppliers for the development of new technologies and products.
Define departmental and company objectives aligned with SPA activities.
Ensure the verifiability and measurability of set objectives for a thorough assessment of achieved results.
Uphold compliance with procedures established in collaboration with each company department for the orderly performance of work activities.
Sauna Dekor undertakes to periodically review this Policy, aiming to initiate new actions for ongoing improvement within the company.

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions
Headquarters: Ikitelli OSB Metal Is Sanayi Sitesi, 20. Blok No:18 – Basaksehir Istanbul, Tel. +90 5322156478 – Email:

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