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How is a pools made?

Erlangen Pool Elegance: Sauna Dekor presents bespoke swimming pool excellence, meticulously designed and built to elevate aquatic experiences in Erlangen with unparalleled sophistication.

Discover the secrets behind building the perfect pool at Sauna Dekor. Our expert team ensures international quality standards in every pool construction project we undertake. From swimming pool contractors to pool installation, we’ve got you covered.

Unleash Athletic Grandeur: Sauna Dekor's Landsmeer Olympic Pool, a Designer's Triumph

At Sauna Dekor, we prioritize quality materials and meticulous workmanship in detailed applications like ceramics and joints. Avoid problems such as cracking and leaking with our expert team, ensuring your pool's longevity and durability.

Immerse in Elegance: Sauna Dekor's Coburg Pool, A Designer's Aquatic Symphony

Sauna Dekor specializes in diverse pool construction concepts, from hotels to spa centers and villas. Whether indoor or outdoor, our pool manufacturing can be customized to your needs. Explore different pool sizes, that fitting your space and preferences.

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Materials Used in Pool Construction

In our pool construction projects, we emphasize long-lasting, leak-proof, and crack-resistant materials. The quality of our filtration system, including pool pumps, directly impacts user comfort and health. Sauna Dekor selects materials for insulation, coating, and mechanical installation to enhance the life and comfort of your pool

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Stages of Pool Manufacturing:

Discover the step-by-step process of pool construction at Sauna Dekor. From excavation to concrete application, steel construction, electrical installation, and pool heating systems, we ensure a seamless construction process. Our attention to detail in screed, plaster, and insulation works prevents future issues like leakage and cracking.

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Pool Construction Cost

Wondering about pool construction cost? Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions offers support and consultancy services, guiding you through factors like material quality, pool types, and design details. Our technical team is ready to address all your questions.

Pool Models and Prices

Explore various pool types, from outdoor and indoor swimming pools to olympic and prefabricated pools. Sauna Dekor produces pools suitable for hotels, holiday villages, spa centers, and private residences. Materials and systems may vary, catering to different functions. Ready to dive into your dream pool project? Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions ensures a pool that exceeds your expectations, combining expertise with international quality standards.

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Laren Pool Excellence: A Sauna Dekor creation, meticulously designed and built, showcasing our prowess as the leading designer and builder of bespoke pool and spa systems.


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