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Prefabricated Pool

Portable Swimming Pools and Innovative Fiberglass Pool Technology

Rotterdam's Modern Mastery: The Art of Prefabricated Pools

Explore the World of Portable Luxury Welcome to Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions, where luxury meets innovation in the realm of portable swimming pools and cutting-edge fibreglass pool technology. Discover our range of solutions designed to elevate your pool experience and redefine the way you enjoy aquatic leisure.

A Turnkey Solution Prefabricated Pool

Counterflow pump

Our advanced Counterflow pump system provides outstanding sporting possibilities, even for pools with limited space. It includes a distinctive, infinitely adjustable power setting and a safety stop function designed with the utmost care for touch protection.

Pool Waterfall

A classic carpeted feature, one of the most captivating and sought-after accessories, is available in a range of timeless stainless steel variations, each offered in various shapes and sizes.


Skimmers, also referred to as surface skimmers, are employed in pools with a submerged water surface, where the water level is typically 5-10 cm below the pool's rim. These skimmer systems efficiently eliminate floating debris from the pool's surface.

IQ Cleaning System Manifold

A sophisticated distribution valve directs water flow among a series of jets positioned at the pool's bottom, functioning like brooms to guide gathered debris towards the filter system.

IQ Cleaning System Pump

Thee high-performance pump of the custom-designed IQ Cleaning System provides an economical solution for maintaining pool cleanliness, ensuring uniform chemical distribution, and effectively mixing water layers with varying temperatures.

Water Purification Circulating Pump

This pump serves as a vital component for ensuring both the clarity of the water and the integrity of the pool structure. It efficiently conveys water from the pool to the sand filter and is characterized by its remarkably silent operation and outstanding performance.

Sand Filter Tank

The sand filter system represents the most effective method of water filtration. Within the filter tank, a quartz sand filter cartridge purifies the water that circulates back into the pool, ensuring it remains suitable for swimming for a span of 4 to 5 years.

Automatic pH Regulator

The pH meter and controller, equipped with a digital display, facilitate ongoing adjustments to achieve the desired pH levels. This ensures optimal chemical usage without the necessity for manual measurements.

Pool Waterfall Circulation Pump

Our high-efficiency self-priming circulation pumps generate the ideal volume and pressure to ensure the seamless operation of the neck shower, a highly favored feature in both pools and hot tubs.

Six-Function Valve

Our valve with a digital display serves as a replacement for the conventional manual 6-function gearbox valve, a critical component of the sand filter system. It automates the processes of backwashing and rinsing the sand filter tank, simplifying maintenance.

Massage Air Pump

Our top-tier air pump is designed to power the air jets in your pool. It ensures years of trouble-free operation for your spa experience, with no maintenance needs.

Salt Generator

This device employs electrolysis within its cells to break down the minute amount of salt in the pool water into chlorine gas. This chlorine gas effectively eliminates microorganisms in the water, enabling a chemical-free water treatment process.

Air to Air Heat Pump

This system harnesses the heat from the surrounding air to warm the pool. It is not dependent on weather conditions and is exceptionally energy-efficient, providing up to 4-5 times the energy input to the pool water.

Massage Pump

Our dependable and high-performance massage pump serves as the core of the SPA features in the pool. This pump efficiently extracts water from the pool and directs it to the water jets for a rejuvenating experience.

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Portable Swimming Pools: Unmatched Elegance on the Go

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions takes pride in offering portable swimming pools that redefine elegance and convenience. Our portable pool designs cater to diverse preferences, featuring classic rectangular pools for timeless sophistication, freeform pools for a touch of nature, and lap pools for space-saving solutions. Dive into the world of portable luxury with our range, which includes spa and pool combos for ultimate relaxation.

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Fibreglass Pools : Where Durability Meets Aesthetic Appeal

At Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions, our commitment to excellence extends to our fibreglass pool offerings. Immerse yourself in the durability and aesthetic appeal of our pools, crafted with the innovative Ampron Ceramic System®. This 9-layered construction ensures high strength, beautiful surfaces, excellent durability, thick insulation, and low maintenance costs.

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Innovative Pool Technology for Unparalleled Comfort

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions goes beyond traditional pool technology, introducing an array of innovative solutions for unparalleled comfort. Our IQ Intelligent Self-Cleaning System ensures effortless maintenance, while our environmentally conscious, chem-free water treatment solutions guarantee crystal-clear water. From air heat pumps to salt electrolysis devices, we provide state-of-the-art technology for a carefree, hygienic swimming experience.

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Automated Comfort: The IQ Advantage

Experience the pinnacle of pool automation with our IQ Cleaning System. This intelligent technology not only cleans your pool efficiently but also evenly distributes chemicals, reducing heating costs by mixing water in the lower layers. Embrace a prefabricated pool that's always ready, effortlessly removing deposited dirt and preventing algae growth for a consistently enjoyable swimming experience.

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Green Water Treatment: Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions takes pride in offering an eco-conscious approach to water treatment. Our green solution involves the use of salt electrolysis, creating a natural and ecological cycle. This chemical-free process not only ensures skin-friendly water but also significantly reduces the need for expensive chemicals, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

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Automated Pool Solutions: Effortless Management for Optimal Enjoyment

Immerse yourself in the ease of pool automation with our range of automated solutions. From digital control systems for pre-programming pool devices to efficient water treatment and pool heating, Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions brings you a suite of products designed for minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

Unveiling the Future of Prefabricated Pool: Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions is not just a provider; we are your partners in creating a prefabricated pool experience that exceeds expectations. Embrace the future of portable pools with us and indulge in the luxury, innovation, and unmatched comfort that our solutions bring to your aquatic oasis.


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