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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Models and Prices
"Temperature: between 32° C to 35° C Humidity: 55%"

Berlin Infrared Sauna: Luxurious Infrared Design, Craftsmanship, and Affordability

Navigating the installation of an infrared sauna demands a nuanced consideration of factors impacting both cost and structure. The selection of models significantly influences pricing, introducing variations based on features. Sauna dimensions play a pivotal role, allowing tailored configurations to meet specific spatial needs. The interplay between radiant heat panels and efficiency forms the scientific foundation for cost dynamics. Material choices contribute substantively to the final price, determining durability and thermal characteristics. 

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Understanding Infrared Radiant Heat

Sunlight is a spectrum of visible and invisible light, including infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths that are beyond human visual perception. Among these invisible rays, far infrared holds significance as our bodies naturally emit it. Solar-derived far infrared rays deeply penetrate the skin, aiding in the dissolution of accumulated substances within the body. These rays possess the unique capacity to revitalize cells and metabolic processes.

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Far Infrared & Its Impact on the Body

Far infrared waves effectively reach and stimulate sweat glands within the body. The sweat glands are one of the body's mechanisms for eliminating toxins. The skin, recognized as the body's largest organ and often termed "the third kidney," plays a pivotal role in eliminating waste materials through sweat. In your pursuit of wellness, consider bringing the advantages of an infrared sauna to your home with Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®.

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Scientific Insight

Historical research conducted by S. Inouye and M. Kabaya unveiled that far infrared shares similarities with wavelengths generated by the human body. Such parallels result in the vibration of human tissue, akin to the principles of infrared spectroscopy. When introduced within the precise wavelength range of 9.3 to 9.4 microns, water molecules resonate. This resonance weakens ion bonds in water, facilitating the release and elimination of encapsulated gases and toxic substances.


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Full Spectrum Infrare

Full spectrum infrared comprises near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. These collectively offer a comprehensive range of benefits within Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®. Near infrared, with its shallow penetration, promotes healing and revitalization near the skin's surface. Mid infrared, with deeper penetration, enhances circulation and oxygen delivery to affected areas. Far infrared, with its deep tissue penetration, induces vasodilation and detoxification, supporting weight loss and overall wellness.

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Safeguarding Against Harmful Solar Radiation

While the sun is a primary source of radiant energy, excessive sunlight exposure can damage the skin. Infrared heat offers the health benefits of sunlight without the adverse effects of solar radiation. In the past, healthcare practitioners recommended infrared heat lamps for therapy, but they had limitations. Today, modern healthcare professionals worldwide utilize infrared heaters for diverse therapeutic purposes, thanks to technological advancements such as Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®' state-of-the-art True Wave™ heaters.

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Far Infrared and Its Effects

Far infrared waves with wavelengths between 6-12 microns exhibit an exceptional ability to penetrate 1.5 to 2 inches into the body. This deep heat can elevate core body temperature and contribute to overall well-being. In fact, traditional Korean Ondol, known for its warmth and health benefits, employs materials like stone and earth that emit far infrared waves when heated. Exposure to far infrared waves often leaves individuals feeling rejuvenated, as they can enhance blood circulation and reduce fatigue.


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Near and Mid Infrared

Wavelengths ranging from 0.75 to 5.5 microns offer additional health benefits when combined with far infrared. This comprehensive approach, known as full spectrum infrared, expedites core body temperature elevation, aids wound healing, reduces inflammation, and delivers an estimated 10-15% enhancement in therapeutic outcomes.

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Infrared Technology Advantages

Scientific evaluations confirm that Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®' True Wave™ far infrared heaters emit energy closely attuned to the body's radiant energy, ensuring efficient absorption. In contrast, traditional saunas primarily rely on indirect heating through air convection and conduction. Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®' infrared saunas operate effectively at lower temperatures of 100°F to 125°F, compared to traditional saunas, which require 180°F to 220°F. This efficiency results in reduced electricity costs and faster readiness for use.

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Infrared Technology: A Closer Look

Infrared heat encompasses our surroundings, with the human body naturally emitting and absorbing infrared heat in the far infrared range. Other surfaces, such as warm pavement or heated objects, emit infrared heat in different spectrums. An easy way to experience far infrared heat is by placing your palms close together; you can feel the warmth emanating from your hands, akin to the infrared heat emitted by Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®' True Wave™ heaters. Radiant far infrared is an integral component of our environment, vital for human life.

Advantages of Infrared Heat Over Traditional Saunas

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions®' infrared saunas incorporate low-EMF True Wave™ Carbon/Ceramic heaters, emitting safe far-infrared heat, similar to the sun's natural heat and the body's radiant energy. Unlike microwaves, infrared heat is entirely safe. These saunas primarily use energy to heat the body, with only 20% directed towards warming the air. As a result, the heat penetrates deeply within the body, offering a gentle warming effect. The sauna's adjustable temperature, typically set between 100°F to 130°F, enables faster sweating and extended sessions, maximizing therapeutic benefits. Infrared saunas leave individuals feeling invigorated, unlike conventional saunas that can be exhausting. Infrared heaters mimic the body's response to natural sunlight. Traditional saunas, on the other hand, primarily heat the surrounding air

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