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Modern Hammam
Modern Hammam

What is a Modern Hammam?
Temperature: between 38° C to 42° C Humidity: 50% to 80% relative humidity

Discover modern hammam bliss in Basel - a fusion of elegance and relaxation.

The bath tradition, which has come from the past to the present, is widely used today. The traditional Turkish bath, which is used for body cleansing, health, and entertainment purposes, has replaced modern baths. People who go to the hammam get rid of the stress of daily life with the relaxing effect of hot water. Today, this tradition continues to be maintained by modern baths. With the development of technology and architecture over the years, modern bath projects also use high technology and modern architecture. As Sauna Dekor, we convey the purifying and refreshing power of water to you with our projects designed with modern architecture.

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What You Need to Know in the Construction of a Modern Bath

The most important of the elements to be planned for the manufacture of a modern Turkish bath is the function of the building where the bath will be applied. Therefore, it is also of great importance in terms of the project process that modern Turkish bath projects, which are made for many different concepts such as accommodation services for rest and relaxation, hotels, gyms, spa centers and private residences, are designed following the function. During the bath project process, applications should be made with quality materials and workmanship. The most important point to be considered when starting the production of a Turkish bath is the selection of the heater, which forms the heart of the bath. A heater to be chosen in accordance with the designed bath and the selection of the heater control methods connected to it will greatly affect the relaxing and relaxing experience you will get. Along with heating, the bath's ventilation and water channels system setup should be done well, and the application process should also be managed correctly.

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Stages of Modern Bath Production

There are several basic stages in the manufacture of a modern Turkish bath. First of all, examination and survey are taken in the project area. Afterward, the analyses are shared with the customers and their ideas about the project they dream of are taken, and then the bath production project begins. The correct planning of the insulation and heating system, especially in wet areas, is of great importance in the application process of bath production in order to prevent problems that may occur later. Furthermore, since every decision to be taken in modern Turkish bath manufacturing projects will affect the customer's comfort after the project, it is necessary to be in contact with the customer at all times. After taking the survey, the squaring of the walls and insulation applications should be completed. Finally, after completing the selected marble types and colors, types of basins, fountains, navel stones, materials and decoration elements, the application process for modern bath projects is completed.

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Important Factors in Modern Hammam Construction

Technical features, material quality, design details, budget management, and application are all important factors to consider in constructing modern Turkish baths. Therefore, it is recommended that you get consultancy services from professionals in this field to make the right choices by consulting with experts in the field of modern bath projects and facilitating you in the design and implementation process of your project. Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions has been involved in numerous projects at home and abroad with its experience of more than 30 years. It enables you to bring the modern Turkish bath design of your dreams to your interior spaces with its experience in each project, qualified expert staff and superior service understanding.

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Materials Used in the Construction of Modern Hammams

We implement modern Turkish bath projects with our expert staff and technical team for many different types of concepts such as hotels, accommodation facilities, gyms, spa centers and private residences. The most important point in these applications was designed by considering the traditional Turkish bath architecture and modern architecture. With the adaptation of traditional materials to modern materials, the hammam; It achieves a simpler and more modern approach that uses high technology, is free from traditional motifs. The selected bath materials should be applied with great care during the construction process of the bath.

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Materials Crafting the Modern Hammam Experience

The bath materials to be used for the flooring surface should be hygienic and easy to clean. Next, the heating system should be set up and after this process, the baths covered with marble are covered with modern decorative materials. One of the most important features to be considered in the materials to be used during the bath's manufacture is choosing heat-resistant materials. Since the navel stone section will be the hottest place in the bath, heat-resistant materials should be used in this section as well. Many different parameters such as the size of the area where the sauna will be installed, the stages of preparation for the application, the logistics cost of the project, material preferences also change the sauna price. For the most accurate information about how much the sauna you want to include in your project will cost, you can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and benefit from the experience of our expert team.

Modern Hammam Models and Prices

Modern Turkish bath prices vary depending on many different factors such as the size of the application area, preparation and dressing room services, the characteristics of the selected material, and project logistics. You can visit the Sauna Dekor website for your dream bath and other projects.

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