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What is Hydromassage? What is a Hot Tub?

What is Hydromassage? What is a Hot Tub?

What is hydromassage, which is generally used in spa centers and which we see in modern bathtubs? Hydromassage is a massage technique applied by spraying compressed air and pressurized water combined with an intelligent system. Moving the water on the body with circular movements and vibration creates a relaxing effect.

Hydromassage attracts attention with its various healing effects on health as well as providing a relaxing pleasure. First of all, it can be used for therapy as it makes the person feel better and more energetic. It is a perfect fit for people who are fond of both pleasure and health.

The hydromassage tub is a modern and advanced tub that combines a warm bath with a soothing massage experience. Although technically divided into two and work differently, they serve the same purpose. The Airpool has a system with an air jet that heats the air and creates air bubbles. The Whirlpool, on the other hand, houses the water jet and creates water bubbles with the hot water. Among the hydromassage systems, this is the most preferred system in the world. There is also a system called Turbopool where both options can be used together or independently.

What Does Hydromassage Do?

It eliminates the need for people to allocate extra time and budget for the spave massage experience. It offers today’s people, who are always in a rush, the opportunity to relieve the tiredness of the day in the comfort of their home. It stands out with its ability to contribute to the health of people while raising the standard of living. The person gives the opportunity to experience the massage for the duration and frequency determined by himself.

While it relaxes hardened muscles, it also provides effective skin cleansing. It increases blood circulation and gives vitality to the skin. In addition, it provides an aesthetic satisfaction by appealing to the eye with its appearance in bathroom decoration. When used at the end of a tiring and stressful day, it helps the person to fall asleep easily in a relaxed way.

Mineral salts and herbal essences to be used together will increase the benefits of the massage and will also crown the spa experience. Relaxing with hydromassage in a calm and quiet environment will get rid of the bad energy in the body and make the person feel more peaceful.

5 Benefits of a Hot Tub

Clinical studies and researches are carried out on the benefits of the hot tub and the medical conditions in which it can be used for treatment. Some of its proven benefits include:


The positive effects of the hot tub on pain have been proven by many studies. With the increase in blood circulation and the pressure applied to the muscles, relaxation and reduction in pain are observed in the muscles. The basic logic behind hydromassage is that the pressure exerted by the water and air jets is used to loosen tight muscles. After this massage, it was observed that migraine pains and rheumatic disorders regressed.

Relaxation and Mood Improvement

It is known as the most rooted benefit of hydromassage therapy. It is very effective in relieving anxiety and worries by providing mental relaxation. It shows a soothing effect by removing the person from the daily life where speed and chaos prevail. It ensures that the relaxing effect of water, which is a natural source of healing, on the human body is taken at the maximum level. It is expected that the energy of a person whose efficiency decreases after hydrotherapy will increase and regain its previous dynamism.

Increased Blood Circulation

As a result of the expansion of the capillaries on the surface, blood circulation begins to accelerate. The water spray feature of the bathtub, which gives a massage effect, increases blood circulation. This massage method is especially recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Post-Exercise Relief

Hydromassage is a great way to relax tired muscles. It is also known to be good for muscle pain that may occur after intense exercise. In addition, jets that can be changed directions for different muscle groups will be very useful. The large bubbles formed by using this feature are directed directly to a certain muscle group and provide relief there.

Removal of Toxins

Removing harmful toxins from the body is one of the potential benefits of hydromassage.

Best Hot Tubs for 2022

The massage tub models to be preferred will vary according to the wishes and expectations of the user. The size of the space to be used is one of the most important points to consider when choosing a bathtub. Another important point will be to choose a budget-friendly one. Hydromassage tubs, which are easy to install and maintain, can also be preferred with these features.

The quality of use used from the massage cabin is also one of the usage time and usage purpose. You can choose the most suitable options for your bathroom by examining the various hot tub models in the product range. If you wish, you can buy or get detailed information by contacting the course.

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