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Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions was established in 1987. In order to spread the use of Spa & Wellness, it introduced its products in many international fairs and followed the innovations abroad and examined the Spa & Wellness culture on-site, and made perfect applications with quality materials and correct manufacturing techniques. He has been a solution partner in many projects in Turkey and in 20 different countries of the world. Sauna Dekor continues all its experience in Spa & Wellness with the service it provides to its customers at all stages of Spa Center installation. Sauna Decor; As your solution partner in your Spa projects, we support our customers in many areas such as consulting, design, project management and planning, production, logistics and implementation, and after-sales general service.​

the process

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Our Research & Development department serves as the pulsating hub of groundbreaking wellness solutions. It is here that our visionary engineers, developers, and programmers meticulously craft unique and exclusive products that set new trends in the industry. We take pride in shaping the future of wellness through cutting-edge designs, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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Technology at the
Service of Wellness

Harmoniously combining technology and well-being is our daily pursuit. Our team of engineers, developers, and programmers work tirelessly to develop the best wellness solutions, seamlessly blending design, technology, innovation, quality, hygiene, comfort, reliability, and durability.

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Improving the performance of materials is a key focus of our R&D department. We understand the challenges that arise when heat and humidity come into play. Therefore, it is crucial for us to select the most appropriate materials to ensure the best aesthetic result and a longer lifespan for all our wellness solutions.

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Research and Innovation.

With a firm belief in the importance of sustainability, Sauna Dekor is committed to realizing shared sustainable projects every day. This commitment extends to all aspects of our company processes, from product development to production, installation, and maintenance. We strive to reduce energy consumption and embrace smart technologies to ensure cost containment for our clients. Our wellness solutions not only contribute to a greener future but also create exceptional environments for well-being.

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Our Idea of
Sustainable Well-Being

We shape each and every wellness desire by creating innovative and technological spaces designed with sustainability in mind. Our process begins with a thorough analysis of specific requirements and objectives, allowing us to develop the best combination of products and services that align with your setting. We believe that great projects can be realized in even the smallest spaces, embodying our idea of sustainability. Each creation is the result of meticulous analysis of shapes, colors, and materials, brought to life through bespoke solutions that harmoniously complement diverse professional and private contexts.

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and Local Sustainability

Reducing economic and environmental impact is a priority now more than ever. At Sauna Dekor, we strive to protect the natural surroundings by sourcing local raw materials, using recyclable materials, and employing eco-sustainable packaging. This approach allows us to recover natural resources and minimize material waste.

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Energy conservation is at the forefront of our commitment to sustainability. Our Wellness solutions incorporate "green" technology designed by our R&D department, which consolidates all the necessary functions to manage the sauna environment in a smart and energy-efficient manner. Through remote temperature adjustments and scheduling controls, we ensure energy optimization and savings.

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We understand that each space is unique, and we design our wellness solutions accordingly. Drawing on our vast experience, we offer comprehensive services, including consulting, engineering, training, technical support, and scientifically studied methods of use. We guide you through every phase of the design process, unveiling the potential and advantages of a bespoke wellness world crafted exclusively for you. Our aim is to ensure that you maximize the benefits of the products you select, embracing exceptional design, functionality, and sustainability.that harmoniously complement diverse professional and private contexts.

- our services
Sauna Dekor blends centuries-old cultural traditions with modern innovation and research. We specialize in designing immersive sauna environments that enhance wellness and longevity.

Innovation Excellence

Technology Integration

Materials Performance Enhancement

Environmental and Local Sustainability

Sustainable Customization

Services Provided

Project Analysis

Consulting & Project Development

Manufacturing, Installation,
Assembly, and Engineering


After Sales and
Technical Support & Training

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